Watch Winder Piccolo Style - Starter kit



Product Details

Piccolo is a modular watch winder system with an unique design. To operate up to four single watch winder modules you only need connect one unit to an adapter. All other modules being placed on top or next to each other receive power without cable connection by induction. Each module can be programmed individually to fulfill the demands of different watches and movements.
  • Watch winder for one automatic watch
  • Plexiglass disk
  • Green LED indicates operating status
  • Three rotation programmes: Rotation to the right, the left or alternating
  • Four interval programmes:
a) Rotation for 33 seconds followed by 12 minutes rest
b) Rotation for 10 minutes followed by 90 minutes rest
c) Rotation for 30 minutes followed by 3 hours rest
d) Rotation for 1 hour followed by 3 hours rest

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