Jaeger LeCoultre Pocket Watch (British Military)



Product Details

This is a rare Jaeger LeCoultre World War II RAF British military pocket watch, with caliber 467/2 Movement. GSTP FG27475 is stamped on the case back case  and is a type of British military pocket watch, issued by the Ministry of Defence during World War II.

The dial and hands are in superb condition

Military watches are one of the fastest growing areas of horological collecting at present. It seems likely then that there will be quite a bit of interest in this vintage Jaeger LeCoultre RAF issue navigator’s pocket watch. It is offered for much less than a military wristwatch from the same era by even a mid-range maker, making it something of a bargain for the collector who wants to acquire exceptional quality without spending a fortune. The sheer value for money that can be obtained in pocket watches at present is quite incredible and it seems inevitable that at some point, the market price of good examples by the major Swiss houses will rise to become, if not level, then at least somewhat more in line with their wristwatch equivalents.

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