MN Original®


Product Details

Patented Original MN™Straps are made from new olive green elastic webbing as found on Marine Nationale parachutes from the 1970's. They are available for 20, 22 and 24mm lug width watches. The MN™Strap is made from nylon wound and woven natural rubber that regulates moisture, adjusts to your wrist effortlessly and is widely considered the most comfortable all-season watch strap available. All MN™Straps are double saddle stitched by hand with the finest French linen.

SIZING (Wrist):

Small: 150-160mm

Medium: 165-180mm (most typical)

Large: 180-200


Green ( invisible), Yellow, Red, Khaki, Orange, Sand, Lt. Blue, Navy Blue, LT. Grey, DK. Grey, Black, White, Apple Green

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