Beta White IVA Strap



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A hook and loop strap inspired by the original vintage space flown straps utilised by astronauts to wrist mount mission tools.


Comprises a Beta White nylon exterior with contrasting black hook/ loop lining and historical tribute issue markings.

The Beta White IVA is based on monotone vintage Apollo space suits (constructed of white Beta cloth) and high contrast rocket color schemes. Its utilitarian construction and bold appearance lends itself very well to a variety of Lunar, Pilot and Dive tool watches.


A full length webbing lining equips the IVA strap with uniform structure and support, while a high grip rubber locking keeper ensures a highly secure mounting (spare also included).

Retaining the security of a one-piece layout to protect against watch case spring-bar failure, the IVA strap itself is spring-bar free and utilises a robust bead blasted hoop buckle making it a highly secure mission tool.

Shorter than the traditional externally mounted EVA strap, the HAV-IVA is engineered for enhanced for functionality, comfort and aesthetics, while crossing over with, and making a very capable dive strap.


With its double layer construction and hook/ loop nature, the HAV-IVA line has a higher side profile than our other straps. 

For watches with a limited spring-bar to case clearance, install bars over the strap, or consider curved bars. Do not force strap through, as this may deteriorate strap, bars and case.


Thickness: 1.6mm - 2.5mm
Material: Dense weave nylon/ hook & loop
Hardware: Stainless Steel Bead Blasted Hoop
Wearer Fit (20mm): 160mm - 200mm / 6.25"- 8.0"
Wearer Fit (22mm): 160mm - 210mm / 6.25"- 8.3"
Length (not incl. buckle), 20mm: 280mm
Length (not incl. buckle), 22mm: 290mm


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