Haveston Carrier Strap A2



Product Details

A vintage Naval Aviation inspired pattern, based on the 1943 USN Tri-Color camouflage scheme found on carrier based aircraft in the Pacific Theatre of WWII.


Features a deep navy centre, medium blue base and grey trim.

The Carrier A1 strap pairs excellently with Dive and Pilot pieces as well as well as monotone or blue dials, bead blasted grey cases and dial designs with blue accents. 


A re-engineered one-piece strap layout outfitted with our signature secondary floating keeper, which allows the spare tail to be stowed without the need for folding back (unless desired), and repositioned 7 o’clock buckle to deliver greater comfort and enhanced aesthetics. 

Featuring our original A1 dense weave material with double layer configuration which retains the extended secondary under-layer found on most traditional pass-through watch straps.

Length (not incl. buckle): 280mm
Thickness: 1.3mm
Wearer Fit: 145mm - 225mm / 5.75"- 8.75"
Material: A1 Polyamide Weave
Hardware: Stainless Steel Hexagonal Buckle
Layout: Single Pass, Floating 2nd Keeper

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