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Your heirloom and special pocket watches should be enjoyed, worn and treated with great care. A great way to safely wear your watch more often is to put it on leather lanyard and your favourite pair of jeans. For the price of a quality wrist watch strap, you can get a handmade lanyard and start wearing your pocket watches more often.

Don’t drop your pocket watch, get yourself a lanyard 👍

A bit about me: I wanted to securely and comfortably wear my pocket watch with jeans. I couldn’t find anything of good quality for sale, and no one on the watch forums had any options either. So, what to do? I taught myself leathercraft and went through a number of design prototypes along the way. With that testing behind me, I am really honoured to now offer you these 100% hand-crafted leather pocket watch lanyards to my fellow watch enthusiasts. If, like me, you want a rugged, useful and good-looking pocket watch lanyard that can be swapped throughout your pocket watch collection, then you want to get your hands on one of these.

Wearing your pocket watch more often: You don’t need a vest or a three piece suit to wear a pocket watch. That little pocket on your jeans that you maybe use for pocket change? This is a "watch pocket" that was introduced in the late 1800’s as a protective sleeve for wearing a pocket watch. Most jeans are still being produced with these pockets, I bet you have one. Now all you need is a lanyard, let me tell you about them:

• Quality full-grain vegetable-tanned Kangaroo leather lanyards are custom made, all by hand, in Vancouver, BC, Canada

• By default, these lanyards will be made with antiqued brass hardware (button studs) as shown. However, at no extra cost, you can choose to instead instead have either shiny brass, black or gun metal hardware. Yellow gold watches look great with the antiqued brass, shiny brass or black hardware. For silver, white gold, green gold or nickel watches, most folks choose black or gunmetal hardware. Kindly let me know your preferences in the “Personalization” field when ordering.

• By default, your lanyard’s stitching will be in a matching colour. But, for no extra cost, I’ll customize your lanyard with your choice of stitching colour. I can recommend forest green or ivory stitching. But maybe you’d like blue stitching to match the blued hands on your watch, or plum for plum coloured hands? I'm open to your questions and ideas! Send me a message or simply let me know your preferences in the “Personalization” field when ordering.

• You can easily remove your pocket watch from the lanyard. How cool is that! This allows you to easily swap out different pocket watches, or put your watch away for storage

• Another important advantage that these lanyards have is that they will not stretch your watch’s bow or scratch the watch like metal clasps on chains can

• I think that the flagship of this lanyard’s design is the mystery braid that’s woven in. The braided section looks awesome, and you will enjoy confusing people as they wonder how this one single piece of leather can possibly have a braid in the middle. Very cool 😎. The braided section makes for a soft, flexible and strong lanyard

• Lanyards measure apx 14" long (35cm) loop-to-loop, and are 3/8” (1cm) wide. As these are all cut, woven and finished by hand, sizes may vary slightly. Leather is a natural product, so the colours may also vary slightly

• Fits easily on a standard 1 1/2" belt

• The leather keepers are glued & hand-stitched to stay put

• The belt-loop end can also be opened if needed, but until then it will securely hold and protect your watch while in use, or in case of an accidental drop

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