Haveston Roundel 43 A2 Strap



Product Details

A WW2 vintage aviation inspired pattern, based on the 1943 USAAF Star Roundel Insignia which featured additional side bars for greater visual recognition at distance and a high contrast blue outline. 


Features a military green base with high contrast centre white stripe and deep border blue.

Introduced with the Army-Navy aeronautical specification AN-I-9 on 14 August 1943, the USAAF roundel featured white side bars shapes to enhance visual recognition from a distance. Purposefully avoiding red, a contrasting insignia blue outline was added, with some brighter blue examples found in the Pacific theatre.


The Roundel ‘43 A2 Strap combines classic aviation, field and insignia colors which pair superbly with Pilot and Field pieces as well as dial designs with a monotone or blue scheme.


A re-engineered one-piece strap layout outfitted with our signature secondary floating keeper, which allows the spare tail to be stowed without the need for folding back (unless desired), and repositioned 7 o’clock buckle to deliver greater comfort and enhanced aesthetics. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous refinement, our "A2" (Alteration 2) straps are also equipped with a single-pass layout for a streamlined wearing profile and reduced "off-wrist" height while retaining the security of a one-piece layout to protect against spring-bar failure.

Length (not incl. buckle): 270mm
Thickness: 1.3mm
Wearer Fit: 145mm - 225mm / 5.75"- 8.75"
Material: A1 Polyamide Weave
Hardware: Stainless Steel Hexagonal Buckle
Layout: Single Pass, Floating 2nd Keeper

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