NOMOS - Velour Strap


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When you want to give your NOMOS a more casual look to wear with jeans, sweats or shorts the Velour Strap is just the ticket! In our opinion it's the most comfortable & versatile strap, being lightweight and incredibly soft to the touch!

These fine velour calfskin straps will flatter every wrist.  In a subtle beige, it suits almost every model and lets the watch discretely take pride of place.  The Anthracite Velour will truly compliment any clothing you may be wearing as its neutral gray tone works with virtually any colour!


The velour leather is also easy to take care of. You can comb it with a suede brush, as you do with your shoes or your jacket, until it is clean again.

How long are the straps?

Please find the lengths of the straps below. All lengths are stated without clasps.

Size XS: long part 95 mm, short part 60 mm
Size S: long part 105 mm, short part 70 mm
Size M: long part 118 mm, short part 75 mm
Size L: long part 128 mm, short part 85 mm
Size XL: long part 140 mm, short part 95 mm
** To understand which strap you need, measure an existing watch strap on one of your watches for comparison.

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