Roldorf's The Robson



Product Details

// Inspired by Robson St // 49°16′46.51″N 123°06′55.97″W  //

For the Robson, we use only the best horse leather, which is Shell Cordovan from the Horween tannery in Chicago. The exceptional patina of this leather is created by a special shiny hand placed process, which exceptionally finishes the bottom side of the leather. The simplicity of this strap is accentuated by the elegance of the leather. For the lining of the strap we use the reverse side of Shell Cordovan, which partially shows the stamp of the Horween tannery. This gives the strap an authentic look even on the reverse side.

Detailed Specifications

  • Fine topstitching in slight contrast depending on the strap color.
  • The lock stitches on the buckle double stitched.
  • Lining leather orginal Horween Shell Cordovan.
  • Edge painted, sanded and polished by hand multiple times.
  • Strap thickness entirely 2.5 mm.
  • Strap length 118 mm x 75 mm.

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