The Khaki No.3 Parade Strap



Product Details

A classic mid-WWII “Khaki” field toned, ultra fine weave strap, a smooth and flexible feel. Designed to complement your Tool Watch in it's more dressier roles.


Combines a Khaki ultra fine weave base, matching border trim and a smooth silky feel.

The Khaki No.3 strap offers strong versatility and pairs excellently with a range of tool watches and especially with monotone dial designs with vintage style warm toned lume.


A one-piece strap layout outfitted with our signature secondary floating keeper, which allows the spare tail to be stowed without the need for folding back (unless desired), and repositioned 7 o’clock buckle to deliver greater comfort and enhanced aesthetics.

The Parade Series retains the extended under-layer for enhanced watch case retention and wearing profile relative to more smooth and flexible weave properties. (Can be user removed for conversion to single pass.)


Length (not incl. buckle): 270mm
Thickness: 1.3mm
Wearer Fit: 145mm - 225mm / 5.75"- 8.75"
Material: Ultra fine weave polyamide
Hardware: Stainless Steel Hexagonal Buckle
Layout: Double Layer, Floating 2nd Keeper


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